Professor Dave Rosenmarkle, 2nd Degree Black Belt
In all that he does, Professor Dave emanates his life motto, "Non Nobis Solum". Latin for for "Not for ourselves alone". Professor Dave strives to use Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to reach and inspire others to fully live out their true potential on and off of the mats. Drawing from a myriad of life experiences (collegiate athlete, Iraq war veteran, entrepreneur, BJJ competitor, Professor Dave finds ways to connect with others on a personal level in order to help facilitate positive change in their in lives.
As such, he has founded:

  • Veneration Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Affiliation

  • Veneration BJJ (Kenosha)

  • Milwaukee Veterans Jiu Jitsu Support Group

"Doc" Rick Matthews, Brown Belt
Rick Mathews, an IBJJF Champion and Carthage College academic chair (Sociology & Criminal Justice) is an enormous well of knowledge for grappling and Brazilian Jitsu Jistu experience. "Doc" has a storied background here at VBJJ and is incredibly active in mentoring and teaching others outstanding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu during morning BJJ and Wednesday evening BJJ. He also enables them to think outside the preverbal box for life. When "Doc" speaks people listen. You will find him as profoundly wise as he is generous.


Coach Kelli, Purple Belt
Over the years, Coach Kelli has taught many Veneration classes, from Women’s BJJ and self-defense, to Kids Jiu Jitsu to morning BJJ. Wherever there is a need, Coach Kelli stands in to fill the gap. As Co-Founder of Veneration BJJ, Kelli knows the in’s and out’s of this community. Currently she manages Veneration BJJ, Kenosha and handles member relations, communication, as well as the curriculum library for our affiliates.



Coach Jameel, Purple Belt

Coach Jameel is our primary evening and Saturday morning BJJ coach. His background is rich in Mixed Martial Arts competitions and experience. Couple that with being a former head wrestling coach at ITA, and life long martialist Coach Jameel’s teaching is rich in knowledge and hand’s-on experience. He is an avid competitor who knows what it takes to take your jiu jitsu to the next level.

Coach Gil, Purple Belt

Coach Gil is a highly motivated ball of coaching fire. Coach Gil is easily one the most excitable human beings on the planet. He's extremely passionate about equipping our VBJJ kids with excellent blends of wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Gil is an avid Kid's coach and active BJJ competitor who ensures every child has received top notch BJJ instruction and character coaching. 


James Gianinni bjj fam.jpg

Coach James, Purple Belt

Known as "The Big Easy" from his competitive billiards days, Coach James has a fine balance between being a laid-back and yet effective kids' coach. His demeanor, humor, and technical approach help the kids under his guidance learn in an enjoyable environment. Coach James single-handedly runs our 4:30 kids class and does an outstanding job.




Joe Flores head shot.jpg

Coach Joe, Brown Belt
The current Milwaukee Veterans Jiu Jitsu Support Group Leader, Joe is an easy-to-learn from instructor and highly active BJJ competitor. One of our longest standing members, Joe has earned the respect of his VBJJ peers and fellow athletes.  He coaches well, teaches well, and competes well. When training with Joe don't let his disarming smile deceive you. His fluid transitions and constant attacks will keep you on your toes. 

Coach Nick Mind Claw.jpg

Coach Nick Riggle, Brown Belt

In 2014, Nick and his wife, Melanie opened the first Veneration Affiliate in Burlington, WI. With over 18 years in the Army / Army National Guard, Coach Nick adds a bit of military discipline and wrestling grind into his teaching style. He is an avid bjj instructor and competitor.

Amir Promoting Ely.jpg

Coach Amir DeLeon, Blue Belt

Amir is an accomplished instructor in multiple martial art systems. He is quickly adding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to his impressive repertoire.  Amir is Veneration Libertyville's head kids' coach and Prof. Dave's assistant adults coach at Northshore Academy of Martial Arts.  

Jeremy Delavan.jpg

Coach Jeremy Lee, Purple Belt

Owner and operator of Delavan Nutrition Systems and Veneration Delavan. Jeremy is Veneration's first "second generation" academy.

Casey Head Shot.png

Coach Casey Springer, Brown Belt
Owner of our newest affiliate, Cerberus Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Professor Dave and Coach Casey met under their mutual friend and professor, the late, Professor Brian Davis. It is in Brian’s honor that they continue this journey and work together on spreading Brian’s passion and love for BJJ. It is will open arms that Veneration BJJ welcomes, Cerberus BJJ to the affiliation!