We are glad you have found us! We don't do much advertising so chances are you know someone who trains here, and you've heard how wonderful this community is. Well, we would love to have you join our happy band of misfits too... The more the merrier! No matter what we are in it together, and together we get better!


Here's a brief description of our membership options. 

Adult Membership 
Adults are given access to unlimited training in our Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. Teens, due to their mental and physical capacities, and who meet our prerequisites train during our Adult BJJ times. Adult classes are offered Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays at 7am and 6:30pm. There is an additional no-gi class offered Saturdays at 9:15am as well. Come to as many as you like!

Kids Membership 

Kids (ages 5-12) enjoy the benefits of access to 3 kids group classes in Brazilian jiu jitsu for EITHER 4:30 or 5:30pm .  Students may upgrade to an unlimited option. The unlimited option gives parents the flexibility to have his/her child switch between 4:30 and 5:30, or your kids can stay for BOTH! Ungraded members are also welcome at ANY of our affiliates in Burlington, Delavan, Libertyville, Sheboygan, Missouri, and our newest affiliate in Jonesboro, Arkansas! (Road Trip…!)