Daily Forecast Tue 1/5

****!!!! DNA 2016 !!!!****
Ok everyone, "Dad's In Action" is back! For the months of Jan. & Feb. 2016 Veneration BJJ in Kenosha!
The offer is simple. If you have a child in our Kid's BJJ program you'll be given full facility BJJ & Kickboxing access for a month for $50. To help you in your journey/discovery you'll be given a VBJJ loaner GI for the month (30 days) you're trying out our facility. *As a bonus you can also meet with Coach Kelli Michelle and discuss the facility's Strength & Conditioning program (Outrival Strength & Conditioning) and what opporutnities in weight loss/mamangement you can achieve*. Dad's, you can lead by example. You can further inspire your children.

Kelli Rossow